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Dragonstreet Photography offers

for its limited editions:

For limited edition collections I am happy to share with you my selection of techniques, papers and finishes to provide you the best possible quality in terms of rendering, but also longevity of conservation.

NB: Photography galleries in limited editions are selected and limited in print by choice of the artist (myself) and not as the fiscal sense all media combined. The editing limit is shown in the gallery introduction. The number of prints available shown on each photo.

For black and white works:

Piezography Pro Black and White Charcoal is the best current coal-based inkjet printing process for superb rendering for black-and-white prints. This process allows a longevity and a richness of the tones superior to film prints. It is also possible to vary the temperature of the tones, hot or cold that will accompany the natural color of the paper.

For color works:

Pigment inkjet prints, are very high quality inks, offering precision and details on a wide variety of papers. The gradients remain subtle, the sharpness excellent with a very high definition achieved for a good longevity.

HPZ9 and Epson P20000 printer

In detail :

The Fine Art Print is first placed in a matboard, this set protected and placed out of dust behind a high quality glass plate and framed. The print is first laminated on a 1mm thick aluminum plate, with a beautiful 6cm bevelled mat, placed in the middle of a wooden frame, protected and put out of dust behind a glass.

For paper, I have selected for each collection 2 choices of different Fine Art Papers, maintaining excellent longevity, texture and satin more or less pronounced to maximize the image value.


White Kozo Paper 110g, japanese paper from Tokushima region, made in mulberry fiber, slightly textured, flexible and strong.


Platine Infinity Fiber Canson Paper 310g, is a natural white baryte paper, slightly satin and textured very similar to film paper. Its natural white avoids the addition of optical azurant.


Museum Etching Hahnemühle Paper 350g, very thick and very textured.


Rag Photographique Infinity Canson Paper 310g, is a very smooth cotton paper with natural white for intense colors and blacks. Satin surface on touch.

The art framing, is enhancing the print. High-end tailored made frame to create depth to the print and durable protection.


Black Frame


Wengé Frame


Oak Frame


White Frame

The matboard is a Canson® cardboard with a non-grained, acid-free surface, with antifungal treatment. It allows to highlight the draw.

2mm clear glass which naturally and partially filter UV

2mm anti-UV and anti-reflective glass protection ensures a high level of filtration to protect the draft.

2mm anti-reflective coating, high quality glass that has been specially treated to reduce glare.

Acrylic glass (Plexiglass) 4mm, light and strong for large frames.


Beveled matboard of 6cm

The attachment device, is attached to the back, which is a highly resistant metal cable for small and medium formats or an inverted rail and a beveled rail for large formats requiring a good hold of the hanging.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page or leave a comment below.



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