Terms of the services



1. Price calculation :

The rate is calculated on the photo and / or a flat rate per day based and estimated on time neededfor the mission. The completion time for the shooting, time for computer post-processing.

The price per day may also depend on the difficulty of the work.

What's included:


  • The shoot itself, made in high definition, with professional equipment.
  • Shooting équipment (cameras, lens, flash, etc ..)
  • The usual lighting equipment (light stands, reflectors ...)
  • The availability of the photos for 6 months on a private gallery, on a reserved area. (for selection purposes, rating and comments from the client).
  • Post-production work according to customer comments (editing, correcting, cleaning, etc.)
  • Liscencing, the terms of use will be defined in the quotation.
  • The travel to a maximum of one hour ride or about 100km.

The price does not include the costs of specific items such as:


  • Purchase of specific accessories.
  • Additional services: assistant, stylist, etc ..
  • Travelling beyond 100km or 1 hour.
  • Train costs, airline, hotel and catering (for long disposals)


2. Photos delivery:

The photos are processed, cleaned, developed by different software to produce a professional look. (Chroma, contrast, hue, etc ..)

The pictures will be available on a private gallery, with access restricted to customers, to download at (available for 6 months) and / or DVD in a minimum of 2
different file formats. (Web & Print)


3. terms of settlement :

According to the agreement between SAS Dragonstreet Photography and the client, which will be specified on the estimate. The acceptance of the quote is a commitment to the customer, as Dragonstreet Photography SAS will observe the amount of the estimate.

A deposit of 30% will be paid on acceptance of the estimate. The balance on delivery. Reimbursement of special items will be done on itemized bill.


4. Concerning persons who appear in photos:

It is imperative to get their agreements by making them sign an authorization of reproduction and / or representation. It may be possible in some cases to sign an authorization to the owner of property that appears on photos.

If you need licensing model, I remain at your disposal.


5. By accepting the terms and conditions of delivery Dragonstreet Photography I agree:

The pictures can be used in presentation on the website for purposes of illustration, on,, as an example of work, as well as on social networks or for advertising.

A link between Dragonstreet Photography sites and client website is possible.


6. Law applicable :

By express agreement between the parties, the license offered by an accepted estimate and / or a paid invoice is governed by French law. Rights are acquired after payment.

This license is strictly used according to the criteria described on the invoice.  For any amodification or extension, please contact:

Dragonstreet Photography SAS

David Vercruysse
14 Rue du Dragon 77650 Longueville
Tel 06 24 54 33 75

This license is non-exclusive, non-transferable and can not be sublicensed. You do not hear licensed action: display, use, reproduction, publication, alteration or modification of the content or file (s) Digital (s): image (s).

A donation is considered a sub-license.

Digital files (images) are delivered as requested by the client (file type, size, format, colorimetry) and can not be modified in any manner whatsoever without prior authorization specifically indicated
on the license by Dragonstreet Photography SAS.

All uses of these digital files considered pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or libelous or likely to affect the rights and image of any person or property is strictly prohibited.
Dragonstreet Photography reserves the right to revoke the license for any improper or fraudulent use.


7. satisfaction:

I undertake to better understand your needs in order to satisfy you as much as possible. If Dragonstreet Photography misunderstand your aims the work will be redo to meet the maximum to your needs.


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